Ponte Hercílio Luz

Some shots I had made of Hercilio Luz Bridge, here in my hometown ( Florianópolis )

bridge gt gt2 lapuente


Al Ain

Al Ain is one of the seven emirates from UAE. I have been there on October 2012. The place is hot.

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Pictures taken at Stage Music Park, Florianópolis on February 2013.

Really hard concert to shoot, only 03 musics allowed and from a distant spot. Used my 70-200mm the whole time and the angles do not have quite a big variety.

A big problem was a filming camera that was passing in front of the stage the whole time. Made the best possible, here are the results

JFinal2 JFinal1 JFinal6 JFinal7 JFinal5 JFinal3J1

.stage music park.

Some Backstages shots made during the concert and the waiting process.

I do like the woman in the frame shot for some reason. Over that really pumping volume song, it looked poetical to me, with my earplugs blocking the noise of course !

Made also some B&W shoots of the same scene, will post it here later on.

. heart .